Fibromialgia: el tratamiento (antes de ir al médico)

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glucosamineGlucosamine makes you so fat that no patient should take it for fibromyalgia. It is preferable to consume these  anti-inflammatory foods .

We all need to eat 25 gr of protein when we wake up and those who do not eat it with food will have to “eat” their own muscles, causing the muscle pains of fibromyalgia.

Besides, not having a good breakfast leads to carbohydrate anxiety attacks. Whoever thinks he does not eat breakfast is cheating. He eats his own muscles and the collagen in his skin, he devours himself.

Consequences of not eating protein: Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

  • anxiety in the afternoon
  • Headaches
  • muscle pains in the back, legs, neck and arms
  • fatigue, fatigue or exhaustion
  • cholesterol and high triglycerides , and uric acid
  • Abdominal fat
  • Hair loss and acne

Treatment of fibromyalgia

When I left the office, I promised the patient that in a few days her symptoms of fibromyalgia would improve. No disease has such immediate results. This was the case and he stopped using the medications for fibromyalgia .

Although the drug Metformin (Glucofage) may be useful for Fibromyalgia, it does not replace a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to avoid some medications such as: birth control pills, Postinor, Sibutramine, Xenical, Chinese pills, Carnitine and especially not take Glucosamine.

Breakfast, exercise, sleep and high-protein foods are the treatment for fibromyalgia.

Protein Foods

Protein Foods Power of Satiety Main characteristics
Whey protein (Smoothie No More Diet) 99 The best protein to reduce appetite
Ricota Cheese 80 Difficult digestion in people with inflamed stomach

Indispensable to control the appetite

Fish (Sardines, Tuna, Salmon, Cod) 79 Rich in proteins

High power of satiety

Lean meats: Turkey, Chicken, Beef and Pork 75 Excellent proteins without fat

High satiety

Eggs 75 Excellent proteins and rich in vitamins
Seafood 74 High content of protein and good fat
Gelatin without sugar 73 Good to prevent anxiety for sweets
Soy Protein (Herbalife shake) 70 Protein of vegetal origin, low power of satiety
Lentils, Beans, Peas 64 Good for constipation

Low in proteins and with low glycemic carbohydrates

Soy milk 61 Low protein content

High in carbohydrates

Dr Salomon Jakubowicz

July 7, 2010